The curriculum at Sunnyside School House should be viewed as emergent with a thematic and academic component that is structured around learning through hands on creative activities. Our focus is on helping children develop at their own pace, with the goal of preparing them for Kindergarten and beyond.


Everyday students are exposed to language and math through songs and educational games. "Circle Time" is where we practice calendar, letters, number counting, color and shape recognition as well as phonics and vocabulary.


Daily interactive activities such as arts and crafts, gardening, dramatic play, music, building, and lots of outdoor playtime are all geared to help children develop various skills that build confidence and communication.


Scientific exploration helps our children learn about the environment and how to conserve our planet and its species. Community filed trips teach about the important roles that people play in our society. Children are also taught letters in Sign Language and Spanish words with a thematic focus.


With so many fun things to do, your child will undoubtedly enjoy learning and playing the Sunnyside way!




Our Curriculum