About Us


We offer...

•An environment that feels just like home

• Developmentally appropriate curriculum designed to facilitate learning through creative, fun, hands on activities.

•Small group ratio of 8:1

•Potty training when the child is ready

•Organic products in our cooking and cleaning.

•A CA licensed & insured facility # 19801763 

Message from the teacher...

I have been a teacher for ten years; it's what I have always loved to do. Being that my husband  and I are both from large families, we have always received so much happiness from babies and young children. When I decided to get my Teaching Credential I was more than excited to get to teach kids everyday. After getting my first class in the San Gabriel School District I quickly realized that my passion for teaching was a 24-hour job. Real teachers, good ones, never stop thinking about their students. They never stop coming up with ideas of how to reach them and how best to teach them. Needless to say, I started bringing my work home with me. My husband quickly became apart of the genesis of all my ideas. He was also the one who helped me realize them. When we had our daughters we were beyond thrilled and understood how important it was to make sure they always felt loved and respected, even when we were away. Together, with the encouragement of friends and family, we began to discuss the possibility of opening our own preschool that would provide parents with assurance that their child would be receiving the love and care that they would at home. I received my Masters in Education from the University of Pepperdine and have researched the educational philosophies of Montessori, Walden, Reggio Emilia and many more. When we moved to Sunnyside it felt like it was meant to be and the time is now. Together we turned this beautiful old historic house in Sierra Madre into a preschool that really feels like home. Everyday  I wake up feeling inspired to get to work and go to bed dreaming of what I will do tomorrow.

"Our son has been going to Sunnyside since age 2 and is THRIVING! His vocabulary has hugely expanded, he is constantly surprising us with what he's learned, and best of all, he loves going to school. Sunnyside feels more like a second home for our son, which makes it an easy choice for us."-Claire (parent)

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